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For your house design we recommend our partner 'The Housedesigners'. A company of architects, engineers and designers specialising to create unique houses – be they statement buildings or special family homes. They are specifically trained on the Baufritz building system, and are designing to meet the highest quality and environmental standards. They are also very experienced, having designed Baufritz homes since the firm's beginning in the UK in 2006.
The Housedesigners are located in strategic locations around the UK to be as local to our customers as possible. Our sales consultants will always choose the right person for your project. The Housedesigners offer not only architectural design services up to the final plan, but additional design and project management services, such as kitchens

, lighting, landscaping and furnishings, which go beyond Baufritz´s scope of services. It is often adviseable to have one company providing all additional services rather than enlisting a whole range of suppliers for different elements, as these can prove very difficult and time consuming for the client to coordinate. With the teams of Baufritz and Housedesigners our clients can receive a complete turnkey service if they so wish.








Max Prefab is excel in the non-standard modern art steel architecture. In recent years, we have undertaken over 200 projects. Such as: Macau " Sea Cube " outer facade polygon frame curtain wall; The Butterfly of golden carving in MGM Grand, The Bird's Nest sightseeing at the top of Lianda Building,the Sea Flower Project etc.
Above Modern art steel sculpture are unique, magnificent, which fully demonstrated that Max Prefab have a world-class level in bending components, special-shaped composite structure deepening design, computer UG modeling, setting out materials, production assembly.